A friend of mine has written this blog. I resonates very deeply with me … I remember the waves that were trying to sweep me away ….


Depression.   It is a terrible affliction.  Some suffer it as a one off, perhaps after a traumatic life event, or series of events; others return to it time and again; seemingly with just a simple shift in their chemical balance a person can be thrown to the floor, emotionally speaking.  Whatever the cause, it is debilitating, soul destroying and a right royal pain in the arse.

I have more than known my fair share of low moods. I have never seen a Doctor about it (I am anti GPs, on the whole, and even more anti-pills) so I have no formal diagnosis of depression, I refuse to acknowledge it as such.  I have never had a clinical depression, whereby I am physically unable to remove myself from bed, let alone the house.  Despite any amount of lows/depressions, I have never let it stop me from doing day to day activities; I…

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