i am very happy tonight …

I just tried making my first batch of seeded paper (and that includes recycling old paper to make new!) and it seems to be working quite well!

I plan to use it as part of my “day job” .. to give to my families after funerals and weddings etc … I have bought 3 different shapes for punching the shapes out and I am quite excited about it all.

I will see how it goes .. If it goes well I may turn my summerhouse into a wee workshop and give myself a wee sideline … The summerhouse is sitting doing nothing anyway, so I may as well make use of it somehow!

I will know tomorrow morning if my paper making has worked … it was quite fun making it .. I just need it to dry out now before I start cutting shapes!

Pictures will appear when I have finally made some … but this is the idea that I am going for (I also have a butterfly and a star punch)   Image