I woke this morning in a very good mood … I slept well, I felt happy, chilled, smiley … all the nice things … I was so cocky I even posted on facebook that I was feeling smiley and refused to stop smiling all day.

Sometimes you can be too cocky .. today I was.

Within the space of 5 minutes Jilly came in and looks as if she has a swollen face .. I have had a quick (very quick because she was trying to murder me!) feel of her face and can’t make my mind up if it is swollen or if it just her hair .. now she won’t let me near her.

Then my brother came up to read my electric meter for me (it’s too high for me to read even if I stand on my steps) … I put the numbers in online and my electricity bill comes to £397! … I have a little money put aside but was planning to buy new tyres for the car (they are close to the legal limit)… looks like they will have to wait …  and I really hope Jilly’s face is just her hair ….

I also still have this carry on with HMRC hanging over me …. that is annoying … but hopefully sorted out soon ….

I knew that my social life was going to have to go on hold when I set up the business ..and I am happy to sacrifice that and I certainly cannot afford to date anyone.. but … I am doing something I really love and I know I am getting busier .. but today I am looking at my bills and thinking “Grrrrrrrrrr” …..