Photo by Elmo Malik

And in the darkness she cried

For wasted time, for feeling lost

She cried and she cried

until her heart and mind shattered

into a million pieces that would never be fixed


She continued, breathing, moving, existing

Unfeeling, surviving, letting the blackness take it’s toll

Until chinks of light began to filter in

It was time to move, to stand upright

And she lifted her head and sighed.


Enough of the pain, enough of the dark

It was time to let the light wash over her

She took a breath and opened her eyes

And her heart was reborn and her mind renewed

As she lets the light remind her of a new day


She opens the door and steps outside

Letting the sun touch her face and she stops

She looks into the light and feels the wind on her face

She closes her eyes and sighs as a smile touches her lips

The shadows are behind her, she is once more alive.