As a species Humans are the cruelest of all.cruel

We use words and actions deliberately to hurt others either emotionally or physically.

Sometimes we are cruel to strike out at others because of the hurt they have caused us.   This is horrible .. but understandable … and to some extent forgivable ..

Then there is deliberate cruelty, from a dark place that, for most of us, is unfathomable.

Today a friend told me something that had recently happened in her life… and I cannot find the words to express how sorry I am for her .. or how angry I was at what she told me.

An innocent soul taken by a twisted and sick mind .. by a person who does not have the decency to even try to control their anger ..

I am truly crying as I type this … out of sadness at what has happened .. and out of anger that someone could deliberately be this cruel.

I do not often understand the world … there are so many lies .. so many acts of cruelty… so much bitterness .. humans against humans … humans against animals …

Tonight I will be holding my friend close in my thoughts .. admiring her for the courage and sense of responsibility and decency she is currently upholding … She is a better woman than I.