I am not a perfect woman … never have been .. never will be … and I make no apology for that .. I courageam who I am .. and I am very happy with the woman that I have grown to be.

I am not everyone’s cup of tea … so be it .. not everyone is mine .. 

I know my character .. like a chain .. I am strong . but I have weak links .. just like everyone else.

My strongest AND weakest link is that I care .. I genuinely care for people who mean something to me .. some of these probably do not deserve my care .. but they still have it.

I know I always do the right thing … whether it be walking away from a relationship that didn’t make me happy .. whether it be telling someone the truth that they didn’t want to hear … I do it.. and at times this has not worked out well.   I have been lied about .. accused of all sorts of kind of crap that did hurt and upset me … still does, if I am totally honest .. but in the end I will always do what feels right for me .. MY right thing to do … I forgive (perhaps too easily) and I don’t hold grudges .. if I someone does something that, in my book, is completely unforgivable then they are simply no longer part of my life…. and can get on with their life doing what they do because in the end their own actions will bite them on the bum without any help from me.

I have no comprehension of how people can live a lie .. what is so wrong with the truth that they have to turn it around .. make it something it isn’t … or is it because they are just not strong enough to accept reality … who know’s … I’m not that wise.

I trust people easily … because that is who I am .. and probably always will be … something I have inherited from my mum … the older I get the more I get like her .. and you know what … I like that … she is the most open hearted, kind person I know … if I can be half the woman she is .. I will die proudly.

I will continue to be the big stupid soft hearted clown, who sometimes gets on people’s nerves… their reality and truth are not mine …   I do not have to be always right … because sometimes I am not … I accept that…   but believe me .. I will never hide who I am or what I feel behind a lie… 

I accept people into my life in good faith … they leave it because of their actions and words.. not by mine.