Today has been a day that has been perfect because of imperfections.candles2

Today I took a service for a man who many would judge as imperfect because of the life he chose to live.  In reality the life he chose was perfect for him and after the service I received the most beautiful message from his niece telling me that I had somehow managed to find the words to finally make his father understand his life.    I cried.

I then had a knock on the door and my neighbours were standing there … Two days ago I had been chatting to one of them about the problem I had with overgrown trees in the garden.. my back making it impossible for me to deal with them.   There they were, safety goggles on, chainsaw in hand and they chopped the wayward trees back for me … to say I am grateful is an understatement .. and again … I cried.

I then had a visit from 2 of my closest friends … It is one of their birthdays next week and because of my financial situation I decided to make her a large candle.

She has just sent me this text message …  “I opened the bathroom door after a nice candle lit bath and the smoke alarm went off. the bathrooms covered in soot”

Yup .. I laughed so much .. I cried.