Life can be a trial.  It is full of great times, ok times and bad times … and these times can change in the blink of an eye.

Through it all we will learn more about ourselves during the bad times and these times will give us a different view on life.

I have a friend at the moment who is having a very tough time … she has a lot of worry about a close family member who is very ill and she is hoping for good news .. but preparing for bad.

There are no words that will ease her pain … at times like this in our life we just need to hold on and get through them … and hold onto our thoughts and ours hopes.

It is not always easy … the pain of what we feel stabs us in the heart and becomes all that we can feel .. our main feelings are of  shock… anger… hurt… disbelief…  But hidden in all the pain and sorrow that we feel… there is something beautiful to celebrate.

You can celebrate that you are privileged and honoured to know her.

That she is a part of your life.

That you have wonderful memories that you can share.

Smile about your memories … tell her that you love her …

I truly hope that everything has a happy outcome for her … right now she needs support from her friends …  and I just want her to know that I’m here if she needs me.