The natural compassion of a child

The link above will (hopefully!) take you to a video of a small Nepalise boy and his reaction to the imminent sacrifice of his goat … don’t worry .. it doesn’t happen … and his actions make the adults reconsider their habits.

Compassion is something that cannot be taught.  People either are, or not…  anyone can make a decision to “donate” to a charity .. but how many actually care.

Before the referendum in Scotland there was a huge demonstration of bags of food being left for foodbanks .. how many of these people, probably much better off than me, have ever donated again?    My bet is not a lot.

I have also witnessed people treat animals badly .. not because they are cruel people but because they lack compassion… I once witnessed someone I knew hit her dog because it pooped on the pavement and SHE didn’t have any bags.   I have witnessed someone fling stones at a Highland Cow to get it to turn round just so she could take a photo…. not major cruelty by any means .. but those actions, in those seconds, spoke volumes.

Compassion, or lack of, can only be found in our actions… and it extends much further than just being something temporary to make a point, or to be something we are noticed for.

It should be a natural way of thinking – with compassion comes understanding, with understanding comes acceptance, with acceptance comes peace, with peace comes love.

Compassion should be our priority. Always.