Sometimes, if we are very lucky, we meet someone who has a profound effect on our lives.

Out of the blue, two world collide and they just naturally fit.  There is no pretending, no having to try too hard, no doubt .. just a comfortable, peaceful feeling that something feels right.

I have always said that you have to be on the same path as someone .. and that is still true .. but sometimes a wee detour brings you to someone who is heading for the same place as you, just from a different direction.

I have found peace in something that normally fills me with doubt and frustration .. and for me the peace that this gives me is priceless.

On paper we are from very different places in life .. I have walked boldly along the path of being gay and out .. while my partner has taken faltering baby steps .. but now our strides match and I truly feel I have someone by my side.

Our journey is very much beginning .. and there are no guarantees that we will reach our destination together ..but the niggles that normally bother me just do not exist .. I don’t feel I am being used as a temporary measure, a guardian or put up with.  I feel truly appreciated for me…and I feel understood …  and I hope that I am able enough and worthy enough to repay the true peace and contentment that I have from this back.

As my pal Meg said to me the other day “you have found someone who suits you” .. in truth I didn’t find her .. we just sort of stumbled upon each other by accident .. two disillusioned women .. one scared of what the future might hold .. the other too cynical to want to even bother about a relationship.  It was certainly not a meeting of minds … but perhaps a meeting of hearts.

I like to think so.