I have led an interesting life .. a life that I can look back and smile at.

A life that has sometimes hit the dust and a life that has reached the stars.

There have been times when I thought my world was ending not realising that it was simply the start of something new.

Most of all I have learned from my life that the bad times and the good times will come round in equal measure and it is how we deal with both of these that really matter.

In the good times I have learned very little about myself and life.. I have simply enjoyed my life as it was then.

In the bad times I have learned so much about myself, not always good, but always a great lesson.

I have met the wrong woman at the right time, and the right woman at the wrong time .. but for once in my life I have finally met the right woman at the right time.

I am not expecting the future to be all roses, because I know that life isn’t like that .. but what I do know is that I have found someone who I have total and utter trust in, a woman who gives me peace, yet lights my fire, a woman I want to make smile forever.

Soppy .. maybe … but the truth.

I am content, I am happy.  I am home.