Sometimes life just takes over …but a lot has been happening… so this is my catch up in 10 points!

  1. I have been very, very busy with work both funerals and weddings!
  2. I have also been very busy with Cath although diary syncronisation is difficult at times! – I even ended up driving to hers the other day for a breakfast date … because it was the only time we could see each other!
  3. My cat Bo has still not come home … It is well over a month now and I am not confident of ever seeing her again
  4. Brae has hurt her leg yet again! … there is a definite weakness there .. she has also just turned 13 … but she is happy enough, if a little limpy and has breath from the depths of hell!
  5. I have had a wee holiday with my folks, a week in Adfern near Oban … wonderful scenery and the best week of weather in Scotland this year!
  6. I have another wee holiday coming up next week .. just a couple of days in Glencoe and Seil Island .. it will be lovely to spend some quality time with Cath, we just seem to be ships in the night (or morning!) at the moment!
  7. We have booked a wee holiday to Malta for February … after taking ages deciding where to go but even though it is only a week we have booked the best hotel we could find!  …. and it looks fabulous!
  8. My diet has been blown out the window after my holiday last week … but back on track again … it is our aim to lose another 2 stone each by February ….
  9. I have had horrible problems with my laptop(s) … my favourite one is currently sick and being looked at (for the second time in a week!) … mainly due to an update by my virus checker that then decided Windows 10 was evil!
  10. Jilly (the other cat) has completely changed character since Bo has gone … she has started hunting, started wanting cuddles and has a definite ‘tude about her … it is actually a mixed blessing … I miss Bo, but I like the new Jilly very much!

That is about it … boring really .. so some photos to make up for it!

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