I have never been one for “blending in” … not sure why, just how I am.   I am more comfortable when I lead my own life, make my own decisions and choose what I want to do.   Sometimes this has clashed with my previous choices in life, my work, my relationships and with choices that I made because I felt it what was expected of me.

That all changed a few years ago now… a really low time in my life made me really look inwards and I realised that I worried too much about what other people thought about me, or wanted from me… and I realised I wasn’t happy at all.

My life has changed completely since then, I have a new career that I love, a new woman in my life, that I also love and I have found the peace that I always knew I wanted.

There have been times when my wee happy boat has been rocked .. mainly by the actions or comments of others, and even though it does still sting .. I am now in a place where I don’t care that much for the opinions of others who judge me for who I am or who I am sleeping with, friends with, or who do not agree with my opinions… (which rightly or wrongly I do tend to voice!).

I find it hard to understand why anyone would want to bitch or hold a grudge against me because I am happy in my life and just like to do “my own thing” .. but they do … I guess someone always will.

People seem to see those of us who like to stand alone as a threat .. and that is a fault in their make up not mine.   I have no control over that but I hope that one day they too can find peace in the life they are living and maybe then they will realise that trying to blend in is probably the easiest way of losing your own peace.

Be you .. stand tall … stop letting grievances that you hold with your own life stop you from realising that there are just some people who live their life their way, not as part of a pack.

Until then, I will continue to do my thing .. my way, with a happy wee smile on my face.   I wish you peace.

Some photos from the wee trip that Cath and I recently took up north.   She is a piece of me, and the peace of me.

SAM_1132SAM_1139SAM_1179 SAM_1185 SAM_1261 SAM_1281 SAM_1302 SAM_1306 SAM_1321 SAM_1326 SAM_1327 SAM_1344 SAM_1355