A lot has happened in the (nearly!) 3 years I touched my blog … I met a woman who I thought would be my life partner …  I thought we were happy and planning for the future … I was seriously mistaken.

My dog Brae died on Christmas Day (my birthday) after having a stroke … but my house was not a home without a pooch and so little Sprout came into my life .. and has turned it upside down.

I have bought a motorhome (old but perfectly useable!) and I now intend to travel around sitting by beaches, or up in the hills, lighting barbeques, meeting new friends and simply chilling out, while enjoying a wee drink or two as the sun goes down.

Although this is not a journey I would have chosen … it is one I find myself on .. and I am going to make the very best of it with Alice Alice (who the f*ck is Alice) the motorhome, and Sprout my wee cuddle monster of a dog!

Here is to my new journey … and those I meet on the way!