There are days when the struggle becomes almost too much … too much anger and frustration … and it is hard to rest your mind and find your peace.30739204_10155499421608106_4492022749182558208_n

Then something happens … just a little thing … I heard a voice outside speaking to Sprout (my pup) and when I went to the door, there stood a woman from one of the local villages that I know, and I had taken the funeral for her dad a couple of months back.

She was standing with a bunch of tulips and a card that thanked me for taking the service for her dad … but also thanked me for inspiring posts… although lately I can’t say some of them have been that inspiring.

I came in and put the flowers in a vase and read the card again, and I found myself crying.

I know I have lovely friends who genuinely care from me, but a card and flowers from a woman who doesn’t really know me well is very touching.

It means a lot.  Thank you.