I gave the whole “lay of the blog thing” some thought and to be honest, bugger it … it is my blog and I will not be made feel uncomfortable by the actions of others.

I also need this blog to vent how I feel … and right now … I’m murderous.

My pride and joy Alice Alice is not the shiny, fabulous Motorhome I thought she was (fooled again!… Im making a bit of a habit of this!)

She was mot’d at the end of March, with no advisories, I bought her from a garage at the beginning of April.  She drives fine and is perfect for me in so many ways …. but when I put her in to have a solar panel put on, the guy couldnt do it as part of the floor is rotten and to make matters worse, she has been resealed underneath to hide where welding was required.

Total cost of repairs is coming out at £5k plus vat … £6k altogether.    I am livid.

I bought from a garage as I didn’t want to take the risk of buying privately … and I will not be letting this sit.

Those that know me in real life know how much I hate liars and cheats .. and I have had enough of all that shit in my life over recent months … I have no time for anymore.

I have tried to contact the garage but they are being as useful as a chocolate teapot … deliberately … and so I contacted Trading Standards.   In Scotland we have to go through Citizens Advice … and that is what I will do.

I may be an auld fat grey haired woman, but I am not scared to stand up and be counted … and by god, they will find out what fire burns in me.

Typically, my doctor wants me to do a week of testing my blood pressure twice a day… had to be this week … because it must be through the roof!