The past month has all been a bit of  a whirlwind really … from feeling very frustrated with the carry on about Alice Alice and still recovering from the crap my ex told me about why we broke up …. I suddenly find myself in a completely different place.

Alice Alice is roadworthy (and didn’t cost me a penny!) … and I have the most wonderful new woman in my life.

Life has completely turned around … and I have met a woman who is just perfect for me … and more than I ever dreamed of.

I have learned  a lot this year … firstly that nagging really does work! … although I do believe it was the threat of going up to the garage, parking outside and organising a demonstration that made it happen (and I would have done that!)…. to never trusting anyone who lies by omission …. looking back … I put up with too much crap and gave too many chances … but it was my choice .. and I only have myself to blame…. but at least I learned from it.

This new romance will be a whole new learning curve … we come from different worlds really … and I just hope I don’t disappoint.