After a few really bad episodes with my back and leg, I decided to stop relying on my doctor and take matters into my own hands.

Today I started physio with Abdur at the Fife Physiotherapy Centre … it was a very interesting hour… Abdur studied the way I walked and stood and where the main areas of pain are.  He also examined my legs to try to understand why I cannot straighten my left leg when I lie down, and have limited side movement in it too.

It seems I have 2 separate issues, but both are related.   He feels the main problem is not my osteoarthritis of the hips, but the tightness I have in my leg… my hamstring is far too tight and the knock on effect is that I limp, causing the muscles in my back to tighten and cause sciatica.

Today he massaged my back to loosen the muscles, it was bloody sore! (and yes I did utter the word “fuck” a few times!)  … but at least he prewarned me! … and I have to go back on Thursday for him to start working on my left leg…  I hope it doesn’t hurt too much as I am flying down to see Linda in the afternoon!

The amazing thing is, that even after just an hour, I was walking much better … and no longer standing with all my weight on my right leg and resting just the ball of my left foot on the ground.

I am hoping that, after all these years, I may have found someone who realises that it is not JUST my leg or not JUST my back causing me problems …

I may run a 10k yet!! (ok ok… perhaps I’m kidding on that one!)