My Lfest ticket for the lesbian festival in Llandudno is booked for July next year.

I did book for this year but had to sell my ticket because of the trouble with Alice Alice, but she is fixed and roadworthy again … and since I can’t take that crook Sandy Dick to court to get my money back … I may as well keep her and use her.

One of my pals from Scotland is coming down with me and there are plans afoot for a group of my old pals to meet up there! … Im really excited! … Sprout can come too, which is even better!

This being single lark is actually very good, I can do what I want, when I want … and without worrying about anyone else along the way.

I think being single suits me…. I can work when I want to, without having to organise things around anyone else.

I think it will suit me.