a couple of nights away on a wee break up at the eco pods at Loch Katrine.

There should have been a wee group of us here but for various reasons, in the end only Leanne and I (plus Sprout and Ollie) made it here…eventually, after I managed to take us to the wrong end of Loch Katrine).

It is very mild, so tonight we sat outside with a couple of bottles of Prosecco … trouble was, we had the dogs tied up outside earlier and I managed to trip overs lead. I was very lucky., I nearly landed face first on my glass… but instead landed on Leanne’s fire pit!… thankfully not lit yet!…. but bloody hell, I haven’t half given my left knee a knock! I hope I can bend it tomorrow!

Tomorrow we plan on a wee sail up Loch Katrine with the dogs (who are both having to sleep in Leanne’s pod because my pod doesn’t allow them).

Hopefully the weather will stay mild.