I had plans for today … I had to write a Eulogy (done!) and then I was going to the gym and a wee swim … then I was going to come home and sort out my “work” wardrobe…

I did feel a bit tired yesterday but put it down to being so busy and going to the gym so much lately … turns out I was wrong … I have woken up this morning with a stinking head cold … and my nose is running like a tap!

Ive decided it would be stupid to go swimming (or to the gym) when I am feeling so bunged up so will just do some exercise at home and hopefully, by tomorrow, by nose will have dried up a bit and I can get back to my routine!

I feel as if I have no energy today what so ever … I hate when I have to force myself to do stuff but I know I have to … Wardrobe you are getting it!!