After much tooing and frowing … my friend Karen and I have finally decided on the location of our next meet up … we have decided one the Lake District at a lovely wee site at Derwent Water.

Logistically, it has been difficult … I am travelling down from Scotland with the caravan and Sprout … and she is driving up from Kent in her car with her wee dog… we don’t really care what the weather is like … at least with the caravan it is easy to get out and about in the car … which is one huge advantage over the motorhome! … and of course, there is so much more room!

I really need a wee break … I’ve been busy and I’m tired … always the same at this time of year and I always like to get away at the start of a year … hopefully by the end of March I will have another stone off … and already, even after a couple of weeks, I am the fittest I have been in years! … saying that I have worked hard at it … between working out in the gym, swimming, water aerobics and exercise classes (but let’s not mention Boogiebounce every again!!)

I have my review in a months time but I am already hitting most of my targets … (although swimming is my biggest bug bear because my shoulders are not really strong enough yet.. and I find swimming so damn boring in a pool!) … but I reckon by the end of next week I will have all my targets … I may bring my review forward!