Today has been a hard day. I took a funeral for a wonderful young woman. She was only 25 years old. It was a tragic story and her friends and family are all understandingly heart broken. The young, beautiful girl had bravely been fighting cancer, but after chemo caught a common cold that turned to pneumonia… and it stole her life.

The family booked a private venue for the service and asked everyone to turn up looking glamorous! And they did… by their hundreds! It was the biggest funeral I have ever taken and, although a tragic situation, the amount of people attending really proved how loved and respected she was.

We had laughter, we had tears but more than that, we had love.

There are days when my work is emotionally exhausting… today was one of them.

I came home, got changed and hit the gym before having a swim.

Tonight I am aching physically.. and emotionally.