I am feeling pretty pleased with myself today …

I decided to go for an early swim to loosen up (it really helps!) … and when I got to the pool, I was the only one there!

I completed my planned 20 lengths … and then thought … let’s do another 10 … by the time I had completed 30, I was still the only person in the pool… so decided to do another 10 …. and again … no-one else came in! … so I ended up doing 50 … although to be fair, by the last one I was just praying to get to the end LOL

I then came home and took all seven bags of clothes to the charity shop, came home and completed 2 tributes (although to be fair, it was just the intro’s and finish I had to write for both) …

I will be making a start on the spare room later … my brother Andrew picked up the double bed yesterday and my new sofa bed arrives on Monday … I needed room for my multi gym!… but Im off to pick up a second hand DVD Player so I can play my yoga and pilates DVD’s …. Im still thinking someone kidnapped me … who am I … LOL


(old pic of fat me in a pool!)