Busy day … writing done …. off to view a caravan storage facility for my caravan (it takes up far too much parking space!) … a family visit … then home to cook a roast beef dinner for Ros returning from her holiday from Arran!

She has pre warned me that she has picked up a few wee gifts from me … I know one of them is cheese! … it better not be mouldy or smelly stuff … ungrateful as it sounds, it will have to go straight into the bin (outside!) … I canny stand the stuff and it makes me (as we say in Scotland) .. BOKE!

Seemingly, we are also putting my hair into a mohican to match hers! … whoever would of thought I would be dating a woman with a mohican … but I will go along with it (knowing it will wash out tomorrow morning when I have a shower!) … she has also suggested I dye it pink … ehhh nawww!!  step too far!

Tomorrow I am introducing Ros to my gym … we are going for a swim and then a nice lunch …  she is seriously considering joining my gym … what the auld wifies will make of a tattooed mohican haired laughing woman I have no idea … I think it will be great!