It’s that time of year again … the time when we usually spend hours and hours picking what we think our friends and loved ones will like for Christmas while they are thinking just as hard to get that “perfect” present for us!

I have had some crackers in my days, normally given to me by my mum, that I haven’t liked at all .. but I took them with gratitude (false as it may have been).. and occasionally wore, used or whatever else with it (how can someone send you a horn orange peeler and then NOT tell you what it is!).

I like giving. It gives me more joy to give something that is appreciated, or can make someone laugh than it does to receive.  I don’t know why that is .. it just is.

I have thought very carefully about people at times and bought what I thought was perfect and they would “love”.   Only to be disappointed when they didn’t.   For me giving a gift that isn’t appreciated hurts more than receiving one .. if that makes sense.

This year I have solved the problem …no girlfriend to buy for (they are always the worst!), and I have given my Mum, Sister and Brother money … boring .. maybe .. but at least they can get what they want.

It is always harder for them to choose for me because of my birthday also being on Christmas day .. they have to work doubly hard!    This year I solved it for them.. told them my favourite perfume, bought it (I already have it!) and they gave me the money.

Maybe it doesn’t fall into the spirit of Christmas .. maybe I won’t wake up to any presents under the tree this year .. BUT I will smell lovely for a month or two *smile*

So … this year .. if you are given a present that doesn’t quite hit the mark with you .. think on .. someone has thought about you .. and even if their taste does not match yours, they have taken time out to try to pick you the perfect present.

This year I hope you all get what you wish for and are not left disappointed or disappointing others.   Have a good one!