Sometimes in life you can be lost for words.

Tonight is one of them for me.  A few weeks ago I attended a meet in Chester and met a whole bunch of lovely ladies from PinkSofa.  I chatted to as many as I could (my apologies to those I didn’t quite get round to speaking to!) and had a lovely time.

During this period I spoke to one particular girl, Shan, who is really just taking her first steps into the world of lesbians (and all our follies!), we chatted for half an hour or so and have continued to chat online.

She mentioned one day that my blog had inspired her to keep a record of her own journey  (you can read her blog here A kiss will do).

She has also done something that no-one else in the world has ever done for me .. she has written me a poem!

For me it was surprising and very touching to realise the effect you can have on someone, even after a brief meeting and chat.

Shan published this poem on PinkSofa and a few of my friends from there have commented on it.

I am very touched and privileged that my friendship and blog can mean so much to people.

I thank you all and thank you for being MY friend.

Remember, sometimes just giving someone your time costs nothing and can mean so much.

By Roshan13

For Brae

Brae lives with her dog by the sea
Who likes a hot cup of tea
She lives in a cottage far away
The land up north where you feel the cold
A business woman whom works all day
Smart and interesting in a fun way

We met in Chester for drinks in a Pub
Then some of us went on to a Club
Made new friends, from different places
Brae sat down for a talk with me
It didn’t take long for to see
A strong woman indeed
Who recognises her own needs

A woman in control
With a good soul
Who’s happy on her own
And doesn’t want to be a pawn
Respectful of others including the neighbours
An animal lover
And done many favours

Full of wisdom
And so very proud
Lives alone with no ties
Mind and body all in tact
This is a fact
She is passionate in her work
Needs no disguise and is very wise

She has a wicked sense of humour
With a life full of experience under her belt
A good friend everyone wants to have
She has a blog to share her views and thoughts
With warm and touching stories
From both the past and present
The fans can’t wait for more
I’m sure there is plenty left in store