It was just a quiet normal morning in Lisburn.   Three of us, KB, Julie and myself were just chilling out in our bedspaces, no drama, just quiet.

Suddenly from the bedspace opposite me there came a wee voice …

“did you hear that” said Julie

“hear what” said me

“the noise from my cornflake box” she whispered

I sat and listened, but heard nothing … “No, your’e hearing things” I replied and promptly went back to reading my book.

Suddenly I heard it … “scrape ,scrape, crunch, scrape”

I sat up … and took a wee bit notice of Julie then … “see .. I told you” she said …

I got up and slowly picked up the cornflake box and listened.

Nothing .. not a sound

I was just about to put it down when I felt a movement in the box.

“Open your window” I said to Julie … and she did … so I chucked the box out the window (we were on the ground floor) .. and we waited .. and waited .. and waited.

Nothing .. not a peep, not a movement.

Deciding I must have imagined it .. I climbed out of the window to rescue Julie’s cornflakes ..

Just as I bent down to pick them up .. this wee mouse came running out .. right at me .. with an evil glint in it’s eye.

I legged it .. screaming like a girly … arms waving around windmill style as I ran a hundred yards or so with the vicious mouse running after me.

It must have disappeared down a hole because when I stopped screaming and running it was no longer behind me… but the howls of laughter from our bedroom window done nothing for my street cred …