It has been interesting watching the run up to 12/12/12 .. lots of messages and comments on facebook about how we will never see this day again because of the uniqueness of the date …

Great .. in a way it is true .. but we seem to have forgotten one BIG thing … every day is unique, we will never see today again, as we can never recapture yesterday again!

Sometimes we all (and I have been guilty of this many times!) hang onto the past, make our judgement about people and life based on our past experiences.  This is often no bad thing, after all there is no greater teacher than experience BUT sometimes we let it cloud our vision, cloud our thoughts and feelings in a negative way that in the end only results in us losing out.

Our thoughts about the past cause us to imagine what might happen in the future, what we might expect, what we might feel … we hold onto anger and to upset far too long and in reality the only person who suffers is ourselves.

Today, since the date is special, why not make a decision to let things go, face up to what we really think and feel, without judgement and take a big step forward.    No-one can do this for us, it has to come from within.

the past