Sometimes you just get a feeling that something great is going to happen.

Maybe it is because I have eventually found my peace with the world again .. I don’t know.    I just know that there has been a reason for all the pain and stress in 2012 and I just feel that something great is just around the corner .. I have no idea what .. I just feel that I am being surrounded by a load of good things and feelings at the moment … maybe I am just ready to accept good without worrying about it or thinking too deeply about it … I have no idea.

I still need my quiet time at the moment … I think it is doing me good and thankfully I have wonderful friends who understand that.   They are not pushing me, making demands of me, forcing me to do things and be someone I am not at the moment and I really appreciate that.

The nearest I can describe this feeling is after you have had a lovely long deep sleep and you begin to wake up naturally .. slowly, warm and comfortable and happy knowing that day ahead is going to be fun … that’s how it feels… welcome to my world.