Ok … I’ve been thinking (I know .. it doesn’t happen often .. but .. now and again the old grey matter kicks into action!).

I would like to take 5 minutes of your life .. and hopefully with those 5 minutes I can leave you with a smile on your face and a slightly different outlook on life, but I need your help to do it.    

You need to get a pen or pencil and some paper … draw a line down the middle of the paper and head one column “Upset” and the other “Happy”.  

Go on .. don’t just tut at this point .. I’ve tried this recently and honestly it worked!!… Right … are you ready … 

Start with your “Upset” column and write down everything that upsets you.   I don’t mean things like “Mrs Smiths curtains need washing” .. I mean things that really upset or worry  you, in your life today, right now …..

When you have done that … start the “Happy” column … write down everything that makes you happy or you are grateful for right now …. 

Now …   I bet that most of you are surprised to find that you have a lot more on your “Happy” list than your “Upset” list for a start …  “BUT!!!”  I hear you cry … “The Upset column effects my life more than the Happy Column”

OK … then look at your “Happy” list … what out of your “Happy” list would you sacrifice to get rid of something on your “Upset” list …

I bet there is nothing …. 

You sacrificed 5 minutes of your life … but YOU have just found out what is important to you.    You can stop sacrificing any more of it ..  you have your answer.