Christmas is once again nearly upon us.   Some will see this as a brilliantly exciting time, others more of a time to reflect and let go.

This time last year I was at peace .. in my heart and in my mind, it was a good time, I was looking forward to Christmas and New Year and an early wee holiday to Cyprus.

During 2012 I lost my peace, slowly, gradually, so that I didn’t really notice at first and it took me a long time to realise.   It was a pretty tough time and one that I did not handle that well.  Thankfully I am now feeling much more at peace, back where I belong and back where I want to be.

All the money in the world cannot heal a troubled mind, it takes friendship, love and patience – all of which I have received in abundance this year.

This Christmas I will be grateful for having my peace of mind back, it is the best gift I could receive and if I could give anything to all of my friends, it would be just that… peace, contentment and gratitude.

Thank you.