Sometimes you are just sitting having a coffee .. and a wee thing pop’s up on Facebook that makes something click in your head.

I know I don’t fall in love easily but today I realised something quite profound …. it does take me a wee while to fall and I always thought I was cautious with my heart .. but it is not that at all .. I’m cautious with my TRUST! …. I have only fallen in love with a few women who I really trust (or trusted as the case may be! LOL)… 

The relationships, have ended without me losing my trust in those people … maybe that is why some of my closest friends are ex’s  .. They have my trust!! …   

I guess we all have something that we look for in a partner and we will not be happy in a relationship unless we satisfy what makes us comfortable and relaxed enough to fall in love .. I know what I want (and I hate to say it .. but do NEED too!) … 

If you had to list five things you needed from a partner to be able to fall in love (in order of importance) … what would they be?

These are mine!

1.  Trust

2.  Affection

3.  Understanding

4.  Sex

5.  Reliability