My blog is my blog .. it is the place where I put down what I think and what I feel, my opinions and my thoughts .. it is like a little insight into my brain.     I have at times managed to rid myself of frustration and anger by putting down in words in my blog what I have not had the opportunity to say and I have meant every word I have written as I wrote it .. although sometimes it has been more of a vent .. and on hindsight and after the frustration died down those words seem a little hollow to me.

I have had the odd comment about how people agree with some of the things I have written (or for that matter disagree!) .. and that is great … but I have had my eyes opened numerous times on the messages I have received when I wrote about (and during) the period last year when I went through depression.

Today,  I received a private message from someone I do not know, who has found my blog via my Facebook Page “A dog called Brae” … and her words have hit home in a big way .. I realise that sometimes by doing little but expressing ourselves we find someone who understands how we feel, how we are thinking and how that makes us realise we are not alone.

“I found your blog by accident after a friend introduced me to your facebook page.  I started reading your page and then realized you also had a blog.  I have spent the whole of Sunday reading every single blog and found myself crying, laughing, agreeing and shouting at what you wrote.   I cannot say I agree with everything, but you made me stop, re-evaluate and realize that I am not alone during this hard period in my life.  

I thought I would write to you to say thank you.  I do not know you, but I hope you are as genuine in real life as you appear on your blog.  

People like you have the power to make a difference.  

Thank you.”

Now… I do not think I make any particular difference to people’s lives … I have just been trying to make a difference to mine …. BUT .. this message is something I will always treasure, if all I have ever done with my blog is make me feel better and helped one person in a small way then I can ask for nothing more.

Thank YOU for your words, and your time.  I am very honoured.