I do not think I understood the meaning of contentment when I was younger.   There was always something to aim for, people to see or a woman to conquer!

These days things are very different, maybe I have experienced enough good AND bad times in my life to understand it .. or maybe I have just grown weary of the drama and the arguments, I don’t know but right now I am contented… I am happy, relaxed, peaceful and enjoying myself.

As I look back and remember what was important to me when I was younger, success, money, love .. I realise that these still hold true but in a very different way.

Success is now being happy with my life, money is having enough to get me from one pay day to another but able to not worry too much, love.. well, love is all about learning to love yourself, the good and the bad.

I can’t say I “practice” contentment .. or I looked for it, it just sort of happened.

I have achieved and gained lots in my life.  I have also lost everything I worked all my life for and had to start again.. and I discovered the actual starting again was much less than the worry about having to do it..   It gave me a different perspective and although I do, from time to time, lose my peace and my contentment, I know it is lurking out there waiting for me.  Sometimes I just have to wait for it to return.