No-one in this world is perfect.   No-one in this world is always right.

Truth is much the same and usually found somewhere between the two sides of every argument,

The advantage of truth (or our truth as we see it!) is that it unchains us … it helps us to accept and move on.  No matter how hard the truth is .. it is better than trying to fool others or even worse, ourselves;

By accepting the truth, no matter how hard to accept, leaves us free, fresh and with nothing to hide.

The disadvantages of deceiving ourselves and others are the chains that it brings on us ..  if you cheat a partner and your friends know .. how can you then let these people meet?

If you cheat a partner in the first place you are building a relationship built on sand,  Every storm, every tremor, every person walking past will bring uncertainty and danger.

That is not being free.

That is being in chains.


The truth always comes out .. and we should remember that.

The chains that bind us are always the chains of our own making …