..  to start getting excited about my holiday to Romania!    I have packed already .. I also have one or two wee gifts for my beautiful friends and I really cannot wait to see them again.

We met last year in Spain and it was instant friendship!   We have kept in contact via email and Skype and unlike most holiday friendships, this one has lasted and grown stronger.

One of my close friends, Alex, is coming with me … unfortunately she has recently broken her ankle but .. since both the Romanian girls are doctors I guess they are the perfect people to go on holiday with!  … I am not that useful, but I can carry Alex’s bags!  (I will probably grump and moan a bit, but do it anyway!).

Friendship is a wonderful thing… I have friends going back right to my schooldays and I love them all in a very special way.    We do not have to pretend to be someone we are not around each other, we just care deeply, knowing our friendship is based on trust and loyalty… and maybe a tiny wee bit of madness!

So here is to Sunday .. and seeing two of my most beautiful friends again *smile*  … I think I may be just a wee bit in love with both of them …