Honestly!   Sometimes I shock myself at my stupidity!

I live down a wee country lane and we have just been informed by the council that they will no longer come up the lane to collect our rubbish due to “vibration” in the lorry cab being against health and safety (no .. I am not joking!)

Anyway to cut a long story short, the council have now given me 2 extra bins .. which I have to leave at the entrance to the lane and carry my rubbish up to it … there are 5 houses down this lane .. so that means 15 bins at the end of the lane .. (clever move Fife Council!) …. anyway .. I have rung them today to request a communal one .. but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Ok … back to my stupidity …  I thought I would be really highly organised .. I thought I would buy 3 small bins (in matching colours to the big bins) so I can put my rubbish in them and then just carry them up the lane in my car … great .. brilliant .. lets spend £34 … dinnnngggg

They came today .. and I have just realised I have nowhere to put them .. they are too big for my kitchen … too big for my back hallway … I can’t put them outside as they are too light and will blow away … so basically I have buggered up big time!

I am sitting here with my wee grumpy chicken face on ….

Anyone want 3 bins .. brand new … pffttt!!