We all face battles at times but the hardest battle we fight is within ourselves.    I am a born fighter, I fight for what I believe in, I fight for what I think is right, I do not roll over and give up easily.   This is not always a good thing, sometimes I need to realise that I cannot win every battle, sometimes I have to learn that the best thing to do is nothing.

I have fought a hard battle over the past couple of years, actually if I am honest, for longer time than that.  I had lost touch with something very important, occasionally managing to find it, but I couldn’t keep it, it was like trying to hold a handful of water.

I am a woman who take responsibility very seriously, it is just an inherent part of me, which again is a good thing, but sometimes I allow it to rule me.   I get annoyed with myself, frustrated, angry when I cannot do what I want to do, when I cannot feel what I want to feel.

I am a woman who needs peace and quiet, needs time to think and mentally relax, without my peace I cannot do that and I lose myself.

I am a clown, a fun loving laugh a minute person, to everyone who knows me.   The few who really know me know that I am much deeper than that.   I seem open but I am not, I keep my fears, my doubts, my lack of confidence inside me, my humour is my armour and it works well.

I have a lot of wonderful friends, dear close and loving friends who I would do anything for but I have one special friend that has touched the very soul of me, the part of me that I thought had died and I am so grateful for her being my “soul mate” … the person I can just look at and know we share a soul, we just understand each other, accept our differences and want the very best for each other in life and love.

I have found my soul again, my ability to feel deeply … it is the best gift anyone has ever given me.

I am ready now … let destiny play it’s part …