Love is not a decision.   It is not planned, it is not a choice.  It just is.

This has been a very special weekend.  Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and the beautiful weather has made it a weekend for everyone to remember with a happy heart and a smile.

For a few of us it will be special for a very different reason.   The celebration of Terri and Gillian’s Civil Partnership.

It is a wonderful thing to see love, to see two people, perfectly matched who are happy in their unity and prepared to stand by each other through the good and the bad times and face life with all it’s challenges face on and together.

The greatest feeling in the world is knowing you love and you are loved back in a pure and honest way.   The peace of heart and mind that this gives give the power to face any hardship.

I hope for Terri and Gillian that their hardships are few and their love always shines.  

And I think I speak for everyone who had the pleasure of attending Walkerburn at the weekend when I say that I am so happy that you found each other.    

True love is a rare and beautiful thing, I am glad you have found it.