There are things in life that we all must learn.

The most important of which is that you cannot make someone love you.

It does not matter what you feel, love either happens, or it does not.

Sometimes you have to accept that you cannot give the object of your affection the one thing they need to fall in love with you.   Sometimes you have to accept that whoever they fall for, can … it is not a failing on your part, it is simply life.

This “thing” cannot be bought, cannot be found .. it just exists.   It is a meeting of souls, an instant happiness of knowing that there is someone else in the world who thinks, feels and has the same values in life we have.

To be angry or bitter does not make you a big person.  It makes you a fool.   A shallow, immature, stupid fool. 

When you love someone, and I mean really love someone, you want the best for them, whether or not you can have them in your arms.

You want them to blossom, to feel loved and to love and to feel happy and at peace.

Insulting or trying to discredit someone who has done nothing but simply fall in love with someone who is not you is something beyond me … accept it …and look inside yourself.  

I have a couple of friends at the moment who are on the receiving end of bitter women and both of these women have done nothing wrong.    They simply lived their life honestly and one has now found what has eluded her for so long and I am so happy for them.   It is something they both deserve.

Break up’s are not easy to deal with, someone always gets hurt ..BUT .. ask yourself this .. do you hate the person you are angry with .. or do you still care.    Do you want them to disappear off the edge of the world or do you want them to be happy.    If you do not want someone to be happy in their life then that say’s so much more about you than I ever can.

Let people love, let them be happy let your bitterness go.