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The second of two requested blogs!

In a way the caption in the picture sums up what it feels like when you are in a relationship that is wrong for you.

You do feel alone, you realise your partner thinks “me” and not “us” and you know that no amount of talking will make them able to hear you.

Frustration sets in … you begin to think “WTF” and you switch off .. 

I am not sure if there is anything than can be called a “wrong relationship” … but there are relationships that make you realise exactly what you don’t want.

In reality you have to meet someone who compliments you .. they may be the complete opposite from from you, they may be very like you .. but somehow you are travelling in the same direction .. just not necessarily on the same path.

Listen to your gut instinct .. you KNOW when someone loves you .. you can feel it, without words being said.   Words are cheap .. they mean nothing really … go with what you know, not what you are told.