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We have all been in situations where we have given up on what we want .. or what we know is right .. for a variety of reasons .. guilt, responsibility or we feel we owe a debt of gratitude.

What we actually do is sacrifice our own dreams and hopes in order to stop hurting someone else, we take the hurt ourselves rather than cause hurt or disappointment

.. but then .. we stop… we think… we look at what we have .. and what we are giving up and we realise that we cannot hold onto something that is already slipping away … what we are doing is delaying the inevitable .. waiting on the “right time” or a “good excuse” … in truth we are simply trying to protect someone elses feelings at the cost of our own.

The unknown is scary .. but we have to accept that we are not responsible for keeping someone else happy, especially at the cost of our own happiness.

It isn’t easy … we invest a lot into our relationships … we do not like to think our investment has been wasted… but sometimes the truth is .. it has … 

We do have to answer tough questions within ourselves … we do have to accept that if we make a decision it will hurt someone .. but if we don’t we will simply hurt ourselves.