30624022_10155488774513106_8510820628687749120_n   Our journey through life will reach many destinations. Some pretty, some ugly .. but most will be a mixture of both. We travel life like we travel the world, the freer we are, the more we see, the lighter we travel, the more we gain.

But no matter how much we plan, there will be surprises. We will experience things that others can only dream of.. or dread. But it is our decisions, our paths and our moments that make each life unique.

We will meet as strangers and leave as friends, and sometimes the other way around,

But each person will make our journey just that little bit more special.

If we are lucky, we will always get to choose our path and no matter who, or what, we meet on our journey, whether it be adventure, love or happiness … in the end all we can hope for is that we have taken a journey that leaves hearts full of memories and love.