28577800_10155390992083106_6098945181259910080_nAfter not much sleep last night for various reasons … today I had to take my wee pup Sprout to the vet to be spayed.

She was not allowed anything to eat after 8pm last night … and when my friends Barry and Neil popped round, she was like a mad thing … during the night she was up and down, but I was awake for most of it anyway, so it didn’t really matter!

This morning she was like a Tasmanian Devil … a Dervish whirling round like house like a whirlwind, driving me and the cats mad.

I took her into the vets and she promptly peed all over the floor and scales … (she does that when she gets excited!) … and when I left, she was howling like a banshee … I got in my car and had a wee cry!

Sometimes I am too soft for my own good!

I have a busy day today, which will help with not worrying too much and hopefully, when I pick her up this evening, she will not hold any grudges!