There are times when I slip into a place of nothingness.   I call it my flatline place.

It comes after I have struggling with pressures and emotion.  It is not a bad place, it is the first step in a road to recovery.   Things that hurt and bounced around my head begin to settle down.  It may not make sense, but it does not seem to have the same effect on me.

My Flatline place is where recovery begins.  From being able to feel nothing but pain and frustration, my flatline place gives me breathing space.  A place to regroup, refocus and move on… or at least find something to look forward to.

I am in my flatline place at the moment.  I still have worries and concerns, that hopefully my hospital appointment next week will sort out… but everything else that has hurt me recently is beginning to slip behind me.  I may not like what has happened but I know I have no option accept it for my own peace of mind.

I may not yet be in my happy place, but I know it lies ahead of me, and I look forward to finding it again.