We do live in an age of “disposable” relationships … when things get tough, it is easier to walk away than to fix problems.   I have been guilty of this myself as well as being on the other end of the problem.

None of us are perfect, we have our baggage, our faults and our own personal battles that we often fight alone.,, and as I have grown older, I realise that there is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship.

A relationship is not about “becoming one” …  this is not love or acceptance of each other … a true relationship is based on two people who accept and love each other for all the faults that both of them have.  Allowing each other to be the person that they want to be and loving them for it.  While supporting and encouraging each other to be the very best they can.

Will there be arguments, yep there sure will, will there be times when you feel you could murder each other … yep to that too … but alongside all that is the knowledge your partner will be there by your side through whatever life flings at you… the good and the bad.

Love means something different to everyone… but each relationship should have equal amounts of support and understanding… safe in the knowledge that your heart is safe and wanted no matter what personal difficulties you are going through.