I just realised from my memories that 5 years ago I became a Celebrant!

It was a bit of a change after 29 years in recruitment but a change that was definitely for the best!

Although I do take Wedding ceremonies, Vow Renewals and Naming Ceremonies, it is Funerals that are my main business … and to date I have taken over 700 of them.

At times I have worked over 80 hours a week, but through time have learned that this is not healthy for me, I am a wee bit of a workaholic and it has been hard trying to stick to my guns and setting a limit on the amount of work I take on.

It is difficult at times, and I try hard never to let down a family I have worked with before, but I do end up a bit stressed about it all… and the stress has affected my life in a few different ways, not always good…. and I know that sometimes I now have to step back a little and let life, rather than death into my life.

I do love my job and it is always an honour to help families who are grieving and I hope I never lose the care I like to put into each tribute.

At the end of the day, the last memory families have of their loved one, is the funeral, and I hope to always make it a good one for them.