Sprout is my new dog … well, I say new… I’ve had her for over a year now … but I decided to keep my blog in the name of my old gentle dog Brae.

Sprout is very young … just 14 months old and full of life … she is the bounciest, happiest dog in the world … and sometimes I feel sorry for her when, due to work, I can’t give her all the exercise she needs to wear her out  … and so I decided to get a dog walker 3 times a week to help me out …

It is actually one of my friends called Kat, who has a dog walking business and very used to dogs … however even she was taken by surprise when today, during her very first walk with Kat, Sprout (who hates water and won’t consider paddling in the sea or loch) … decided for some unknown reason to dive head first down an open drain in the middle of a field .. luckily Kat had her on a long leash and managed to pull her out … but the stupid dog was stinking!

She came home so pleased with herself, smelly, hyper and bouncy … although that didn’t last long when I grabbed her and flung her in the bath! …. now she is all soft and lovely smelling …  and I think that Kat has survived the fright!

Hopefully on Wednesday she will behave herself a bit more!  (Sprout … not Kat!)