As some of you know I have a wee problem with my left arm at the moment .. I have frozen shoulder and carpel tunnel (I don’t do ANYTHING by half!)…

Anyway .. my arm was a bit painful last night so I decided to take two Solpadol before going to bed .. and they caught in my throat.

It was very scary, I was choking and couldn’t get them to go up or down, I was trying to drink water and it was coming back out my mouth (lovely sight and I soaked my kitchen!).. it really was a panic moment, it was like my throat had just gone into a spasm .. I began to feel really lightheaded and I really did think “this is it” .. killed by frozen shoulder (well .. at least I would make the history books!) .. then all of a sudden my throat just seemed to open and I could breathe again.

It did give me a fright and I had to sit down and have a wee cry to myself .. it got me thinking..

1) Would Brae have eaten me  (that thought freaked me out!)

2) How happy I was that I didn’t die!  .. ok maybe it was a minor incident and I wouldnt have actually choked to death .. but at the time it was happening I really thought I might.

3) The only thing people will have to remind them of me is the drunken videos/dvd’s that I have   (must make new ones when I don’t sound like a screeching banshee and I can talk sense!).

4) Would my mum actually have me cremated (I want to be cremated .. she doesn’t agree with it!)

5) Would there be a hot meal or a buffet at my funeral – and who would come to cry and who would come to dance on my grave!

OK I know there are maybe 1 or 2 strange thoughts in there .. but they all did run through my head ..  anyway .. panic is over .. Im here .. you can put away your black frocks and hats (YUP everyone has to come in a black frock and black hat to my cremation!),  no flowers though .. donations to Second Chance Kennels instead!   Oh and the contents of my “briefcase” can be auctioned <wink>